Do I require a landlord licence?


I have heard a lot about landlord licensing recently. Do I need a licence, and if so, how much is it likely to cost me?


Whether or not you require a licence is very dependent on the area your property is located in, and what type of property it is.

HMOs traditionally require a licence, but more and more we are seeing evidence of local authorities implementing licensing schemes designed to weed out 'rogue landlords' and ensure that all private sector landlords are fully compliant, and abiding by all required legislation.

HMO licensing

Most local authorities require a mandatory licensing fee (ML) for HMOs, which applies if your property falls under the following remit:

1.The property, or any part of it, comprises of three stories or more

2.It is occupied by five or more persons, which make up two or more households

3.The occupiers share some facilities

Some areas also have licensing requirements (AL) for HMOs, which take into account properties that are not already mandatorily licensable

Non-HMO licences

In addition to licensing requirements for HMO's, many local authorities are now putting selective licence requirements (SL) in place for other types of rental accommodation as well. The power to put these requirements in place is at the discretion of the local council.

You can find out if your area requires sign up to a landlord licensing scheme using the information below, or by visiting

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