New data boosts renter numbers in the UK

A recent think tank headed up by the Resolution Foundation has suggested that recent ONS home ownership figures may be skewed, down to the rise in home sharing and lodgers.

The ONS data, which suggested that 64% of Brits owed their own home, didn’t take into account the number of people who shared their homes, or had taken in a lodger - concentrating instead on households rather than people. The Resolution Foundation believe that there are 5.8 million families across the UK who are living in someone else’s home – the majority being children who have returned to live with their parents – and that this
significant sector should be taken into account.

Following a recalculation, taking into account these new figures, the Resolution Foundation believe the home ownership figure is more along the lines of 51% of families or individuals that own a home, instead of the 64% declared by the ONS data.

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