What's the deal with student council tax?


I’ve got students moving into my property in September. I have other HMOs and I deal with the council tax, is this the same situation?


No - there shouldn’t be any council tax!

As long as your new tenants are in full-time university or college students (twenty-one hours or more of tuition, study or work experience every week during term periods and/or lasts at least one academic year), they will be automatically exempt from paying council tax.

If they decide to take time off of their course, they will still be regarded as students for the purposes of council tax, as long as they suspend the course but remain registered with intent to return. If they have finished one course, but are waiting to start another, they may be eligible to pay as they are not within the formal period of education.

The university or collect that your tenant is studying at will be able to provide them with a certificate to prove that they are a full time student. This can be used as verification at the Council for council tax exemption.

If the property is not exclusively occupied by students, it will not be exempt from council tax, and a bill will be issued. the property will not be exempt from council tax and a bill will be issued. However, if there is only one person not in full time education living in the property, they would still qualify for single occupancy discount of 25%

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