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What is my legal requirement regarding fire extinguishers?


What is my legal requirement regarding fire extinguishers in common parts of a block of flats?


As a landlord, you do have a legal responsibility to ensure the safety of your tenants, and it can seem like quite a significant undertaking if you are managing a large building or block of flats.

In any building which contains buildings containing flats, simple multi-purpose general extinguishers are required on each floor in the common parts. Whenever you let a property to a new tenant, it is advisable that you let them know how to use the extinguisher, so should the worst happen, they are well prepared!

The extinguishers should be maintained annually. This can be carried out by a landlord, but only if you have installed unless self-maintenance extinguishers in the first instance. If not, the maintenance will need to be done by official fire extinguisher service engineers.
The requirements as to what fire safety systems you have to install in order to comply with regulations vary depending on the type of property you own.
Further guidance in the different types of requirements can be found in theLACORS guide.

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