Tenant moves in on Feb 1st, do I need to set up Right to Rent checks now?


I have a tenant moving in on February 1st, do I need to set up a Right to Rent check in January?


Yes, you do. Any tenancy that starts on or after the first of February will require a check.

Checks must be carried out in a 28 day window before any new tenancy starts, so an agreement that commences on the 1st February would be valid if you carried them out now.

For future tenancies, it is important to remember that if you carry out checks over 28 days before the tenancy commences, you will have to re-check the tenant within this time frame.

If you are unsure of how to proceed, we are able to help with any question or even carry out the Right to Rent checks on your behalf. Contact the team at info@urban.co.uk or 0800 689 9955 for more information.

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