My tenant wants an extra couple of months, what do I do?


My tenant is leaving at the end of March, and is moving into a new-build property that they have purchased, however they have just heard that the finishing touches on the property are running behind, and their move in date has overrun by a couple of months. They would like to extend their tenancy agreement until the end of May. Can I extend this for them, or do I have to reissue a whole new agreement?


How frustrating for them, but very admirable that you are being so accommodating, it’s always nice to hear of landlords and tenants who have such a good relationship!

As of the 1st April, the existing contract will become a periodic tenancy agreement by default, meaning that it will roll on month by month. Your agreed notice period is still relevant,
however your tenants have already given you two months’ notice, providing a move-out date of the end of May, so you have plenty of time to ensure that you have minimal downtime between tenants.

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