My tenant is not keeping my flat clean, can I intervene?


My tenant is basically filthy, horrendous kitchen, grime in the shower etc. Am I responsible or would meddling infringe his right to quiet enjoyment?


Be aware of the difference between dirt and disrepair. It is difficult to police cleanliness and it is important to be aware of the tenants’ right to quiet enjoyment.

If there are issues in the property such as mould, these need to be addressed by you, but you do not have a right to enter the premises uninvited by the tenant if the contract is assured or a non-resident landlord.

Additionally, be careful not to address the matter in a way that could be perceived as over-bearing or harassing in nature.

If tenant is not allowing access to address an issue, then keep a log of events and write to the tenant informing of your need to access and that if the tenant continues to prevent access then the tenant will be liable for any detriment to belongings etc.

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