That's it - I'm off to the Spanish sun! Can I just go?


I am moving abroad for a life in the sun. Do I have to provide my tenant with a UK address, or with my new Spanish one do?


I’m afraid you can’t relax poolside just yet – all the time you have properties in the UK you will have to maintain a presence in this country, even if it is via a representative.

Your tenants have a legal right to access the name and address of their landlord, or that of your agent – which can be a solicitor, accountant or managing agent. If you fail to provide a UK address, in writing, rent is not due under Section 48 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1987. In addition, you can’t serve notices without a UK address attached to the property, so before you hop on a place, make sure you have appointed a trusted party in the UK.

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