I want to let my property for two months, what type of tenancy agreement should I use?


I only want to let my property for two months over the summer. What type of tenancy agreement do I have to use?


The best type of tenancy agreement to use would be an Assured Shorthold Tenancy, the most commonly used agreement. This type of agreement has been the automatic type of agreement for most residential tenancies.

An AST brings you a great number of benefits, and allows you as a landlord to regain possession of the property using a possession order (Section 21) should it be required. However, a possession order can only be applied after a minimum of six months, although you can serve notice on your tenant at four months.

As you are planning to let your property for only two months, hopefully you will not have to do this as by this stage your tenant should have vacated the property as you have arranged. Legally, an AST allows your tenant to stay in the property for a minimum of six months, however it does give you the safety net to be able to undertake these legal proceedings if your tenant has outstayed their welcome.

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