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How do I know which webinars are coming up?


I regularly take part in the monthly webinars that you hold in conjunction with the National Landlords Association, and find them informative. I use them to build by CPD points as well as my landlord know-how, and would like to be able to plan in advance if I am going to do one that month, so I know how many hours I am building - some topics are not of interest so I will not log on. Is there an advance planning calendar I can see?


Thank you for your positive comments, glad to hear you find the webinars useful!

We work closely with the team at the NLA to make sure that the content we provide in the webinars is as relevant as possible to a wide range of landlords, but of course, not every webinar will be essential for everyone.

We have put together a calendar of the next years' worth of events, which should help you plan your digital learning, and allow you to pre-register for any of the events that are of interest to you. The webinars are all absolutely free, and don't worry about forgetting that you've registered - we'll pop you across an email 24 hours before the event takes place to remind you that it's happening, and an hour before we start.

September- HMOs: What you need to know

It's a confusing time for HMO landlords, with huge legislation changes just about to land, and the standard letting legalities to consider too, there's a lot to think about. But with the market booming, more and more people are considering HMOs as the way to go... So, what do you need to know?

Join the NLA's Gavin Dick, and Landlord University's Polly Rivers as they discuss:

  • Current legislation
  • Mandatory licensing
  • Minimum room sizes
  • Waste disposal issues
  • The fit and proper person test
  • Why the changes have been made and what to expect
Date: Thursday, 13th September

Time: 7pm

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October- Are you a legal landlord?

Thousands of you took part in the and National Landlord Association 'Are you a Legal Landlord' quiz. Join us for a sneak preview of the results, go through the questions with NLA experts, and give your opinion on the legislation that shapes our industry.

Date: Tuesday, 2nd October

Time: 7pm

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November- Universal Credit: What it means for you

It's divided opinion across the country, some landlords love it, others hate it - but it always creates a healthy debate. Join the discussion and share your opinion on this touchy topic, whilst experts provide information on:

  • How Universal Credit works
  • Whether rent can still be paid directly to a landlord
  • Whether you can specify UC accepted on an advert
  • Issues for your tenants
  • Amount of UC tenants can receive and which benefits are covered
  • How to protect yourself from rent arrears

Date: Tuesday, 6th November
Time: 7pm

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December – Maintenance Management

Ensuring your property is well maintained should help ensure to things -happy tenants, and minimal surprise bills, big benefits to any landlord! Join the NLA's Richard Blanco and's Adam Male as they discuss the simple steps you can take to ensure perfect maintenance management throughout your tenancy.

They'll be covering:

  • Top tips for maintaining your property
  • How to best work with your tenants to carry the burden together
  • The legal boxes you have to tick
  • Seasonal requirements, and how to plan for them
  • How to minimise costs, and maximise benefits

Date:Tuesday, 4th December
Time: 7pm

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January - The Landlord Safety Summit 2019

As a landlord, the safety of your tenants is in your hands. With this huge burden of responsibility, you may feel like you could do with a helping hand to understand the full weight of legislation that you must adhere to - thankfully, the Landlord Safety Summit 2019 is here to help!

Join the NLA's Simon Ward, and's Adam Male as they navigate through the safety issues facing landlords in today's market, giving a complete overview of the legal requirements a landlord has with regards to managing safety in a rented residential property.

They will explore:

  • Gas safety
  • Electrical safety
  • Fire regulations
  • Legionella

Date: Tuesday, January 8th 2019
Time: 7pm

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February – A degree of planning: Managing student properties

As more and more people choose to take the route to university, investing in student properties is becoming a very shrewd investment for many landlords. However, managing student tenants is very different to 'traditional tenants', and can take some additional skills to get right.
Join us as we discuss:

  • The highs and lows of letting to students
  • How to best manage young households
  • Student deposits and guarantors
  • Term-time tenancy agreements
  • Budgeting for maintenance
  • Keeping neighbours on side
  • Article 4 areas

Date: Tuesday, February 5th
Time: 7pm

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March - Rent arrears: Prevention and Cure

Rent arrears are every landlord's worst nightmare - causing headaches and heartache up and down the country. But is there anything you can do to help prevent this tricky scenario, and if worst comes to worst, how to you go about recovering your losses?

Join us as we discuss:

  • How to (attempt) to prevent rent arrears
  • Section 8 - requirements, process and outcome
  • Section 21 - requirements, process and outcome
  • Small claims court
  • How to manage when it goes to the 'next stage'
  • Working with guarantors
  • Differences with the system around the UK

Date: Tuesday, March 5th
Time: 7pm

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April – Tenancy types: Are you legally protected?

Many landlords rely on a trusty AST for every let, but as the PRS and requirements of tenants change, sometimes this isn't the most appropriate agreement. Making sure you are using the correct agreement is vital to protecting you, and your tenant legally, so join us as we run though the different types of tenancy, when they should be used, and the pros and cons:

We'll be discussing:
  • Everyone's favourite, the trusty AST
  • AST - Room only
  • Excluded tenancy agreement (lodgers)
  • Company lets
  • Non-assured tenancy

Date: Thursday, April 4th
Time: 7pm

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May – Pesky pests: Dealing with infestations

Pest infestation problems can be a huge problem in rental properties - not only causing a massive irritation for tenants, but also if left untreated can cause serious damage to the property. Managing the problem is often a issue that must be managed between the landlord and the tenant, however it is important to attack the issue as quickly as possible and work together to prevent a future outbreak.

Join us as we discuss:

  • How to identify the most common household pests
  • The most common causes of infestations
  • How to treat the most common pests
  • When it is the landlords responsibility to treat a pest problem
  • What can happen if you ignore the problem

Date: Tuesday, May 7th
Time: 7pm

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June - Tricky Evictions: When saying goodbye is hard to do

No landlord wants to have to evict a tenant - it's an uncomfortable business that can feel really awkward. However, it needn't be this way. join us as we discuss how to make this process as smooth as possible, and how to manage if you hit a bump in the road.

We'll be going over:

  • How to serve a Section 21 - the requirements, the process and the outcome
  • Common issues that arise
  • Dealing with rent arrears, or damage
  • Instructing third parties, is this beneficial?

Date: Tuesday, June 4th
Time: 7pm

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July - The Tenant Fee Ban: What do we know?

It's been on the horizon for years, but it's coming up fast and there's no skirting round the issue- the Tenant Fee Ban is on its way. But what does this mean for landlords, tenants and the market in general? There will of course be changes, but what will they look like, and how will they shape your business?

We'll be covering:
  • What do we know so far about the shape of the legislation
  • How well a similar ban has worked in Scotland
  • Whether any fees are exempt
  • How this changes deposits
  • Whether we have already seen an impact on the sector in the years leading up to the ban
  • Predictions on impacts to landlords
  • Predictions on impacts to tenants

You can also join the discussion, sharing your thoughts regarding the impact the ban is likely to have on you, and how you will manage the changes.

Date: Tuesday, July 2nd
Time: 7pm

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