How can I make my property advert stand out online?


I am looking to market my property, but I’m not sure what will make it appeal to tenants? How can I make my advert stand out?


When a tenants logs on with a view to finding their perfect pad, they are bombarded with thousands of adverts promising to be their ideal new home

However, there are a few simple things you can do to make sure your property stands out amount everyone else’s to make it as memorable as possible to a new prospective tenant.

Showcase your property as a quality product:

Ultimately, when you advertise your property you are advertising a product – try and imagine the online portals as shop windows for you to display your goods! If you were putting a product in a shop widow, you would make sure it was the very best example in order to tempt people to buy (or in this case, rent)! The images of your property are the main tool that you have to catch the attention of ‘passers-by’, and it is important that they reflect the quality nature of your ‘product’.

Whilst many mobile phones have great cameras nowadays, this is not a time to rely on your phone. To get the very best images you should make sure that you use a proper camera which captures every element of the property clearly. Think about what you as a tenant would like to see and try and capture that.

Alternatively, you could take advantage of the professional photography services offered by This popular bolt-on allows for a professional property photographer to visit your property and take a series of photographs, capturing the elements that in our experience tenants like to see. Contact us here for more information about this service.

Choose your cover image wisely:

Once you have a great selection of images, it is important that you choose the right one to act as your ‘cover shot’.

We work closely with Rightmove and Zoopla, and research has shown that on average our properties experience a 10% higher click through if they lead with an image of a kitchen, instead of a shot of the outside of the building.

As one of the main selling points of a property, if you have a kitchen to be proud of a great image of this room can really catch the attention or a prospective tenant, and a bright, well-equipped kitchen can help your property stand out amongst a row of boring brick buildings!

Be clear, and thorough, in your description:

Many tenants go into their property search with a list of ‘must haves’ and will discount any property that fails to meet their requirements.

It can work well to start your description with a bullet pointed list describing your property, highlighting any key factors that may be of interest, before you go into further detail in a paragraph below.

For example:

  • 2 bedrooms
  • One bathroom
  • One residents parking space
  • Ten minute walk to station
  • First floor
  • Close to town and amenities

This short description would give prospective tenants a quick overview, in which they could decide whether or not it was worth their time to read the longer description you may wish to provide.

Boost your advert:

Once you are certain your advert is as appealing as it can be, there is the option to boost it on the portals to bring in a little omore interest and hopefully help you find your perfect tenant ever faster!

There are a number of options available:

Rightmove Premium Upgrade – This helps make your advert stand out by displaying your advert larger than others in the listings: £29 + VAT (Valid for two months)

Rightmove Featured Property – Typically, we would expect a Featured property to generate around 55% more interest – quite a significant boost! Your advert would be shown at the top of search results relevant to your property, highlighting it perfectly to interested parties looking in your area, price range or property size: £79 + VAT (Valid for one week)

Zoopla Premium Upgrade – this helps make your advert stand out by displaying your advert larger than others in the listings: £29 + VAT (Valid for two months)

For more information about any of these options, contact the team on

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