Do To Let boards actually work?


Do To Let boards actually work?


It really depends on the type of property you’ve got, and where it is located.

A board can be a highly effective marketing tool, and is one of the simplest ways to alert people to your property being available. Most people will have online alerts set up for properties in the areas that they are looking to move to, but a board can give you property the added edge, and spark recognition when a Rightmove or Zoopla email pings into their inbox recommending your property to them.

Depending on where you position your board can have a real impact on its effectiveness. The closer you position your board to the pavement or main thoroughfare the more effective it will be. If your board is close to the property, and away from public footfall, it will be far less effective as fewer people will have the time to explore it properly. If you are close to a main road, a board is highly advisable, as you are likely to be seen by thousands of drivers every day, all of whom are likely to use the route on a daily basis – all potential tenants just waiting to be marketed to!

Most tenants are keen to visit the area and have a look around their new potential neighborhood, a To Let board can be a good marker as to where they may eventually be living! Parking, what the area is like after dark, and walking distance from stations/work are all considerations for many house hunters, and a board is an easy way to pinpoint a property before a viewing.

However, before you order your board it is important to bear in mind that there are certain regulation’s surrounding To Let boards, and you must make sure your board complies with them! Boards can only be half a square meter in size, councils are able to remove any boards larger than the regulations. In some areas boards are banned in certain historic and conservation.

You can order a to Let board from for £35 + VAT. The board will be printed, delivered and put up in the prime location outside your property, giving you the maximum marketing exposure.

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