Tenant wants to connect on social media – should I accept?


My tenant has sent me a friend request on Facebook, but I'm not sure whether I accept or not - I don't want to cause any offence!


Whilst it is entirely your decision, it is wise to remember that as a landlord, you are running a business. Question whether you would feel comfortable having your private social media pages linked with customers of any other type of business, as this is essentially what your tenants are! Whilst that funny video of you on holiday showing off your best moves on the dance floor complete with a sunburned nose might be hilarious to your friends and family, do you really want to be left red faced (again) when your tenant brings it up at your next routine property inspection?

It is a nice gesture that your tenants wish to enter into a more relaxed, friendly relationship with you, however, crossing the line from landlord to friend can also make it very tricky to maintain the more formal side of the agreement. For example, if your tenant breaks any of the clauses of their tenancy agreement and you need to issue a section 8 order, or you wish to regain possession of the property and you need to issue a section 21, this may be harder if you have a personal relationship with the tenant.

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