Windrush update: Guidance published regarding R2R checks

On 23 April 2018, the (now former) Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, made a statement to Parliament about new measures to establish a permanent and sustainable solution for members of the Windrush generation who have been in the country for decades but found themselves unable to evidence their legal right to remain in the UK.

In a change to government policy, the Home Office have released a statement acknowledging that “… some people who have lived in the UK for most of their lives are having difficulty providing the necessary evidence of their status. We want to help them to get the documents to prove their right to live here and to support landlords undertaking right to rent checks”.

Departed Home Secretary Amber Rudd announced that the Home Office will:

  • Waive the citizenship fee for anyone in the Windrush generation who wishes to apply for citizenship – this applies to those who have no current documentation, and also to those who have it
  • Waive the requirement to carry out a Knowledge of Language and Life in the UK test
  • Waive the fee for the children of the Windrush generation who are in the UK who need to apply for naturalisation
  • Ensure that those who made their lives here but have now retired to their country of origin, are able to come back to the UK – the cost of any fees associated with this process will be waived
  • Be setting up a new scheme to compensate people who have suffered loss – this will be run by an independent person
  • Establish a new customer contact centre, so anyone who is struggling to navigate the many different immigration routes can speak to a person and get appropriate advice
  • Ensure that people who arrived after 1973 but before 1988 can also access the dedicated Windrush team so they can access the support and assistance needed to establish their claim to be here legally

What you can do as a Landlord

You can contact the Home Office checking service immediately if you are concerned about a prospective tenant’s ability to evidence their right to rent or concerned about the checks you are required to undertake.

Telephone: 0300 069 9799

Please ask prospective tenants who cannot evidence their right to rent to get in contact with the dedicated unit in the Home Office so we can help them with the necessary documents to prove their status in the UK.

Freephone: 0800 678 1925

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