Licensing assistance platform launched this week

A new online platform to help landlords keep on top of new licensing schemes and consultations has been launched this week by the National Landlords Association (NLA) and app developer GetRentr.

NLA Licensing 365 allows landlords to monitor local licensing schemes in all UK postcodes for up to 16 properties, with alerts sent to them directly if the licensing status in an area changes.

The platform will alert landlords when new licensing schemes are being consulted on or due to be introduced and, importantly, whether their properties will be affected.

Licensing can be a confusing area of landlord legislation, so for an overview of the ins and outs, why not check out the Landlord Univerity/NLA webinar on the topic, hosted by's Adam Male and the NLA's Gavin Dick here

For more information about NLA Licensing 365, go to

The number of licensing schemes in England has increased from just over 10 in 2010 to 67 schemes now, with a further 10 currently in consultation, so NLA Licensing 365 has been created to make life easier for all landlords. This tool will help ensure you never miss important information about potential new licensing schemes, and that you can be prepared to make your properties meet any new licence requirements. It also allows you to view the licensing requirements for prospective properties, which is beneficial for those looking to expand their portfolios into new areas where they may not be familiar with the local regulations.

Richard Lambert, CEO of the National Landlords Association

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