Gov confirms changes to EPC methods on solid walls

The Government has published its response to a consultation run last year on updating the Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP), which is the methodology for assessing the energy and environmental performance of homes.

Reduced data SAP (RdSAP) is the simplified methodology for use on existing dwellings to produce Energy Performance Certificates.

One of the proposals in the consultation was to bring the default U-values assumed in RdSAP assessments into line with the findings from latest studies which showed that solid walled properties do not lose as much heat as previously assumed.

In its consultation response the Government confirmed that these changes will be made to RdSAP this month so that it can be used ahead of the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) coming into force in April.

It is expected that EPC ratings for existing dwellings with uninsulated walls will improve, and some solid walled homes in bands F or G will rise to a higher band and therefore above the minimum standard.

With an estimated 300,000 F or G rated properties in England, affected landlords may wish to obtain a new EPC. From 1st April 2018, MEES regulations will prohibit landlords from granting new tenancies

You can read more about the upcoming MEES regulations here, including new FAQs.

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