Which takes longer - buying new shoes, or a new home?

Which takes longer - buying new shoes, or a new home?

If you’re looking to buy a property, you’d expect it to be a fairly lengthy process – after all, it’s likely to be the most expensive purchase most people will ever make.

However, research from HSBC has suggested that house hunters in the UK spend nearly as much time deliberating over fashion decisions as property purchases!

The survey of 2,000 home owners and current house hunters showed that on average, Brits spend 26 hours deciding whether or not to make an offer on a property, just one hour more than the 25 hours we take umming and ahhing over a new pair of shoes!

We take longer deciding where we are going to spend our summer holiday (a five day decision making process), what to make guests for a dinner party (31 hours) and a whopping 17 hours wondering which jeans will best suit our budget (and bum)!

However, not everyone is quite as indecisive. The supply of property is short so competition is cut-throat, meaning one in nine brave buyers decide to put in an offer within just two minutes of viewing a property! And typically, before we even get to the viewing stage most people had spent an average of 56 days researching locations and properties before they found their dream home.

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