Where are the happiest tenants in the UK?

A happy tenant must be the holy grail for every landlord, right? After all, a happy resident is more likely to pay their bills, look after your investment and generally enjoy their time residing in your property a little more?

But can geography make a difference to your tenant’s happiness?

Apparently so, according to new research. The place to be to find the nation’s happiest renters is the North East, where 52% of tenants’ report that they are happy with their landlord.

By contrast, the capital’s tenants are less happy with their lot, with only 20% admitting to being completely satisfied.

But what gets Londoners so riled? Well, unfortunately that’s mainly down to the service they receive from their landlords… tenant’s cited poor customer service, lengthy response time to maintenance issues and high fees as issues that get their blood boiling, and even went so far as to say that they believe that ‘everything non-essential is ignored.’

In such a competitive market, landlords should take every care to ensure the ongoing happiness of their tenants, regardless of where they are located!

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