Welsh 'Fitness for Human Habitation' time nearly up

2017 was a big year of development for the Scottish Private rental sector, and it looks like 2018 is set to be a time for the Welsh market to make some changes.

The ‘Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016 – Fitness for Human Habitation’ consultation, currently being run by the Welsh Government closes on Friday, leaving only a few days for you to stand up and have your voice heard.
The consultation is being run to gather public views on planned regulations regarding a dwellings fitness for human habitation, and the guidelines that will accompany these rulings.

The act plans to make is simpler to rent a property in Wales, with a view to replace complicated sections of existing framework with clearer laws, making it easier for both landlords and tenants to understand whether they stand with regards to their legal rights, and requirements.

Part of the legislation will require a landlord to ensure that the property is ‘fit for human habitation’ and will give power to a contract holder (tenant) to seek an order from court to request a landlord remedies any issues that might make the property unfit.

These issues could include:

  • Poor repair
  • Damp
  • Poor internal arrangement
  • Lack of natural lighting
  • Poor ventilation
  • Poor/no water supply
  • Insufficient/poor repair of drainage and sanitary conveniences
  • Facilities for preparation and cooking of food and for the disposal of waste water

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