The RLA slams landlord licensing

The RLA slams landlord licensing

The Residential Landlord association has criticised plans for landlords to be charged for licences, stating that the new legislation has been designed purely to solely to collect information on the number of landlords in an area.

The RLA has been described the new scheme as being ‘without reason’, and it has even been suggested that they will end up being a ‘tax against tenants’, as landlords have to pass the costs of keeping up with new legislation to their tenants.

The Department for Communities and Local Government sent a letter to all councils in England, identifying that the local authorities had the power to request information about a property’s tenure and a landlord’s identity from tenants. The RLA believes tenants should identify their landlords on council tax forms, which they say would be more successful in building a database of all landlords across the country, including those who may not be honest enough to come forward and register for a licence.

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