Tenants prepared to pay hundreds for perfect flatmate

Everyone has heard stories of nightmare flatmates – and many landlords will be familiar with having to wade in to referee fights or fall outs between tenants who just don’t see eye-to-eye.

However, recent research from utilities supplier Spark Energy has revealed that it’s not just landlords that are fed up of bickering flatmates – 70% of tenants are so tired of the situation that they are willing to pay over the odds for household harmony!

So what is the price of the cherry-picking perfect tenant? According to the data, tenants are prepared to pay up to £200 on top of market rent in order to live with the perfect flatmate.

Almost a quarter would spend more than £201 per month over an above the average rent for their area in order to secure the ideal roomie, whilst 22% would pay between £1 and £99, with the average sharer concluding that £112.40 would be their dream-housemate limit.

Welsh tenants were happy to commit the most overall, with the average respondent happy to put their hand in their pocket to the tune of an extra £138.30 a month. London tenants came in second place, and were prepared to spend a further £129.30 on top of their already sky high rents – showing just how important the perfect flatmate is!

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