Tenant Fee Ban bill set for Wales

Although it has taken a while to get of the ground, it seems that once one tenant fee bills gets going, it’s like a domino effect!

The Welsh Assembly confirmed on Friday that that the draft fee ban bill planned for Wales - which was formally announced in February - is being brought forward and is set to be published in draft form immediately.

Stakeholders have been invited to supply evidence to the Equality, Local Government and Communications Committee over coming months, however this will be post-introduction, with the draft bill already in place.

Looking at the Committee’s calendar of meeting dates it is likely that the draft Bill will be introduced imminently. We have already engaged with the Welsh Government to explain our grave concerns about the impact a ban will have on staff numbers, the quality of properties and rent prices across the sector. We will be engaging fully with Assembly Members to ensure they understand the negative implications that a ban will deliver.

ARLA chief executive David Cox

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