Tenant attacks landlord’s car over deposit dispute

There’s nothing unusual about an article about a landlord being fined for an act against a tenant. However, the tables have turned in Nottingham.

Tenant Hieu Le, a master’s degree student studying at Nottingham Trent University found himself in hot water after lashing out at his landlord’s car following a dispute over his deposit.

The argument started following a routine end of tenancy inspection, when Mr Le was advised that his £250 deposit was being withheld in order to pay for damages to the bedroom he rented. In retaliation, Mr Le took matters in to his own hands – quite literally – and set about scratching the bonnet of his landlord’s car, causing damages totalling over £1,300.

The court heard how Mr Le justified his actions by stating that he reacted in anger after disagreeing with the decision over his deposit, believing that it should have been returned in full, and also stated that he had not been allowed to return to the property to collect his belongings.

Deputy district judge Steven Jonas, who was presiding over the case told him very simply that he ‘can't behave like this.’

He went on to add: ‘You are not allowed to take the law into your own hands. For somebody like you, studying hard to make a better life, this is outrageous behaviour. I am sure you are deeply ashamed.’

Mr Le pleaded guilty to causing damage to the vehicle, ordered to pay repairs, prosecution costs and tax and received a two-year conditional discharge.

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