Stunned landlord uncovers cannabis farm in rented property

Stunned landlord uncovers cannabis farm in rented property!

Whilst most landlords are happy to let their tenants move in ornaments and plants to make their house and garden their home (within reason!) one tenant in Blackheath has taken this slightly too literally…

The tenant was discovered to be cultivating a cannabis farm in their rented property, by the shocked landlord who popped round to make a routine, schedule visit!

Over 100 plants were being grown in one room of the property, and Greenwich Police have described the property as a ‘factory’.

Local police have taken the opportunity to highlight to landlords the need to be aware, and ensure that if they have any suspicions to carry out checks immediately. Damage to a property can run into thousands of pounds when a factory is set up in a residential property, with holes drilled in ceilings and walls, and lighting equipment and compost installed in order to cultivate the plants.

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