Six stories, no permission: developer denies wrongdoing!

Six stories, no planning permision - but developer denies wrongdoing

With so much development planned over the next few years in the UK, it is assumed that everyone involved would have a fair understanding of the basic requirements for planning permission.

It would seem this is not the case in Hoxton, where a developer has built a six-story block of flats without any permission at all!

The 34-flat development, built by Garland Developments, was completed and fully tenanted - but in August 2011, Director Yusuf Sarodia was taken to court by Hackney Council under the Proceeds of Crime act and fined a record £710,000 - equivalent to all the rent he had been paid, and ordered to demolish the building.

The building still remains standing, and Mr Sarodia has been ordered to pay a further £25,000 costs and £10,000 fine - he still insists he has done nothing wrong.

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