Salford shed-conversion shocks housing officers

Housing officers in Salford were horrified to discover a number of families being charged £80 a week to live in garden sheds.

The vulnerable ‘tenants’, including parents with young children, were found living inside cramped wooden structures with less than 10m squared living space, that had been hurriedly erected in the garden of a semi-detached property in the Little Hulton area.

Housing officers took the case straight to the town hall, where the owner of the house was forced to demolish the shabby sheds – although he will not face legal action. Officers immediately helped the poor families find homes in the area.

Apparently, suspicions of an additional property on the site were only raised when a council worker spotted a marking for ‘8A’ painted on the fence for the existing house. The sign was for the makeshift home, which was hidden behind a high garden fence, with a letterbox cut into it.

The council have vowed to look deeper into the situation of why people are being forced to live in such poor conditions in the area, and why these ‘bedsits’ are still being discovered despite so many rules and regulations being put into place to clamp down on ‘rogue landlords’.

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