Proposed gas safety check change could save landlords an est. £22m a year

As landlords you may have noticed an issue that the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has picked up on, and may well be able to resolve next year.

If landlords carry out a gas safety check every 10.5 months, this results in ten annual gas safety checks being completed over a nine-year period, costing landlords more than necessary in both time and money.

In order to keep within the law and ensure that checks are carried out at intervals of no more than 12 months, many diligent landlords start the process for gaining access to properties at around 10.5 months after the last check. In about 75% of cases, landlords do gain access promptly, which leads to a shortening of the safety check cycle year-on-year.

The HSE has launched a consultation, suggesting a clause is introduced which requires landlords to conduct checks between 10-12 months of the previous check, but for them to be treated as if they were carried out on the expiry date.

The HSE recognises that there may be situations when there is a longer gap for a check, such as if a boiler was last checked on 1st December 2016 and a landlord makes a check ten months later in October 2017, but waits 12 months for the next one in December 2018, creating a 14-month gap.

Savings to landlords could be an estimated £22m per year, so give your view to the HSE through their questionnaire by 27th January 2017.

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