Nottingham crackdown on ASBO tenants

Nottingham City Council is cracking down on anti-social behaviour, with a guide to help landlords deal with tenant behaviour issues. The guide has been produced in conjunction with DASH, EMPO and the local Universities.

It highlights anti-social behaviour as ‘activities carried out by occupiers or their guests which adversely impacts on the local community by being a source of nuisance, annoyance or distress’, and lists incidents such as

  • Domestic noise (shouting, loud music, DIY, dogs barking)
  • The build-up of waste or rubbish,resulting in smells or eyesores
  • Fly-tipping
  • Graffiti

According to the guide, if there is any evidence of anti-social behaviour a landlord has a responsibility to the neighbourhood to ensure that their tenants to not continue with this behaviour, and must report it to the relevant authorities – although it is likely that neighbours may have already done so!

Landlords are expected to be ‘willing and able’ to deal with complaints about anti social behaviour, and in less-serious cases able to issue verbal warnings to tenants about potential consequences of not ceasing the actions which are causing distress. Landlords are also encouraged to issue tenants with written warnings, or even start possession proceedings in persistent cases.

For local HMO landlords and letting agents responsible for managing a property, noting the details of the guide is not enough. Nottingham City Council has requested that ASB plans are created in order to comply with licensing regulations.

The plan, which can be requested to view at any time, must outline details of the process a landlord will follow upon notification of an anti-social behaviour complaint from the property. A landlord’s licence may be at risk if they do not adhere to these guidelines, and preventative steps are not taken in a ‘timely manner.’

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