Noisy tenant costs landlord £16k in fines

Catchy summer songs are starting to filter onto the airwaves, and you just can’t help get into the holiday spirit. However, one Birmingham-based landlord isn’t overjoyed with the sound of music, after a troublesome tenant’s pop preferences have landed him in hot water.

The unfortunate landlord, Jason Duffield, has been stung with a £10,000 fine, and court costs of £6,000 after being convicted of five breaches of a Noise Abatement Notice, which was issued after complaints from neighbours.

The notice was issued after Mr Duffield’s tenant tortured his neighbours with 36 hours straight of continual booming dance music - after the order was issued, the tenant disappeared from the Tamworth property, leaving no forwarding address, and landing Mr Duffield with the responsibility of the fine.

The property has now been sold, but the hefty costs have left Mr Duffield questioning the fairness of the system:

I honestly can’t put into words how I feel about it. It’s made me sick with worry and I have no idea how I will pay the fine. I will fight it all the way but it’s just so much extra stress. To get blamed for something I have not done is completely crazy. Even in court, the solicitors and the people next door said they had not seen me at the house. I warned the tenant, who said he does play music but not very loudly. The next thing I knew the police had come in and seized goods from the property.

Jason Duffield, landlord

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