No love for London: Londoners would quit city

It may have been voted the ‘best city in the world for quality of life’ in 2016, but residents are shipping out of London, according to new research.

Two thirds of the Londoners surveyed have revealed that they would move away from the city due to the toxicity of the air, and the pollution, research shows. The named Devon and Cornwall as the most desirable places to move to in the UK.

Poor housing options also featured highly on the list, alongside transport strikes, overcrowding and noise pollution, the report by removals firm revealed. Jobs, prosperity, and financial gains were cited as the primary reasons that people made the move to the ‘big smoke’.

It seems the residents are not the only people concerned about the pollution levels in the capital. Mayor of London Sadiq Kahn was forced to issue the capital’s most severe warning for air pollution recently, which warned Londoners to stay indoors for the sake of their health, as toxicity levels in the city hit the highest levels in six years.

Typically, people have gravitated towards London because of the availability of jobs, general feeling of prosperity and financial rewards on offer, but it seems that pollution and overcrowding are the key factors in people moving away. The fact that more people are moving out of London than moving in shows that something must be done to improve this.

Angus Elphinstone, chief executive of AnyVan

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