New 'How to Rent Guide' - DOWNLOAD REQUIRED

Another day, another change – this time it’s an update to the How to Rent booklet. Don’t panic though there’s no need for major upheaval of policies and procedures – just a download of a new document!

The How to Rent guide, which must be issued to all tenants at the start of every new tenancy (including the renewal of an existing tenancy or when a tenancy moves to statutory periodic), along with the EPC and a copy of the properties up-to-date gas safety certificate. It’s a legal requirement to issue this suite of documents, and you will be unable to serve a Section 21 (should you need to).

You can download a copy of the new guide here:

A downloaded PDF of the document can be served via email, or a printed version in person. Providing a link is not sufficient.

As well as the How to Rent guide, the government has also produced a series of additional supporting documents, designed to make the process easier for everyone involved.

These online guides include:

How to Let:

A document aimed at landlords, this simple guide outlines the key requirements of a landlord in the private sector, detailing best practice and how to keep on the right side of lettings legislation. Practical advice, such as the management of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms

How to rent a safe home:

Aimed at tenants, a document designed to help identify conditions in their home that could be classed as unsafe. Providing an overview of common hazards in rented properties such as gas and electrical safety, damp and mould, trips and fall hazards, and how they can report dangerous conditions.

How to lease:

A document aimed at leaseholders, designed to detail their rights and responsibilities.

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