Nation's moving-day quirks exposed!

Nation's moving-day quirks exposed!

Whilst cracking open a bottle of chilled champagne and toasting your lovely new home may be the vision we all dream of when we imagine settling into our new home for the very first time.

However, according to a survey released today by Nationwide Mortgages, the reality is quite different…

  • More than half of new home owners celebrate a successful move with a cup of tea, only 8% crack open the bubbly!
  • Only 7% pop round to say hello to their new neighbours… possibly to borrow some sugar for their tea?
  • Nearly 10% of people admit they don’t pack very well, and struggle to find the essentials on moving day.
  • 14% say they received a housewarming gift of chocolates, flowers or wine from their vendors

Whether you prefer tea or champagne, don't forget to pack the glasses or mugs somewhere you can find them!

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