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Moving near a supermarket can help bring that 'Lidl' extra boost!

It’s no surprise that having a high-end supermarket in the vicinity of your property can help boost the value of your home, and possibly even help attract more buyers

But surprising new research from Lloyds Bank has revealed that bargain food store Lidl can have the same effect!

According the survey, living near the discount supermarket can add a hefty £4,000 to your property’s price tag,

This is a drop in the ocean compared to the supposed £38,000 average hike that having a Waitrose on the doorstep can add, but it’s not to be sniffed at. It seems that today’s buyers want convenience on just round the corner, and their not too fussy whether it’s a premium brand, or a ‘bargain store’.

Waitrose: £38,000
Sainsbury’s: £27,000
Marks and Spencers (Food Store): £27,000
Tesco: £22,000
Iceland: £20,000
Co-op: £18,000
Morrisons: £10,500
Asda: £5,000
Lidl: £4,000
Aldi: £1,300

So, if you are looking to sell your property this summer – or even to get it on the rental market – don’t forget to mention in your advertising description if it is close to a supermarket! After all, ‘Every Little Helps!’

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