Mercedes apartments race onto London market

Mercedes-Benz have unveiled six flats in Kensington, aimed at the high end market, designed to be reminiscent of a luxury car.

Whilst there is no denying that they were certainly not designed with the first-time buyer or anyone working to a budget in mind, they certainly provide a racy alternative to an expensive hotel! The furniture, accessories, décor and lighting all take their inspiration from the interior of a Mercedes, and are intended to give the impression that you are cocooned in a giant luxury sports car.

Intended to be used by ultra-wealthy clients who need somewhere to stay in London on a short term basis, the properties all boast more than 1000 square foot of living space, a spacious kitchen, living and dining space, as well as two double bedrooms, and can be rented for around £300-£400 a night – much cheaper than many hotels of a similar specification in the same area of London.

Nine more of the Mercedes properties are planned for development in Singapore in 2016.

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