London tenants are paying 42% more for every extra room

Research by leading online lettings platform,, has looked at the cost of climbing the London rental ladder from a studio flat to a four-bed property.

With the cost of homeownership way out of reach for many, the capital’s tenants are left with little choice but to upsize within the rental market to a larger property.

London as a Whole

On average across London, the jump to increase your rental potential is a 42% increase in rent a week for each room.

The cost to jump straight from a studio flat to a four-bed property is a staggering 299% increase.

From a studio to a one-bedroom and a one-bedroom to a two-bedroom requires a 35% and 37% increase respectively. The largest jump is from a two-bed to a three-bed where the weekly rent leaps from £553 to £906 – an increase of 53%. To make the final leap from a three-bed to a four-bed requires a further 46% increase in weekly rent.

Studio to a Four-Bed

Although very unlikely, for those looking to expand from a studio straight to a four-bed, Highgate, N6 is home to London’s largest jump. While a studio flat costs on average £101 a week to rent, there’s a 1090% increase to the £1,202 a week for a four-bed property.

Studio to a One-Bed

Highgate is also home to the largest jump between a studio and a one-bed with a 215% increase, followed by Soho, W1, where the rent increases by 179% between the two.

One-Bed to a Two-Bed

Fitzrovia, W1B offers the highest step between a one and two-bed property with a 194% increase in weekly rent from £455 to £1337! Oxford Circus, Belgravia, Blackfriars and Bond Street are also some of the largest jumps between this property size.

Two-Bed to a Three-Bed

For those looking to move to a property with a third bedroom, Westminster offers the biggest obstacle, with an increase of 456% from a two-bed to a weekly rent of £4,596 for a three-bed. Croydon (297%) is the second largest with Green Park, Piccadilly Circus and Covent Garden also amongst the highest.

Three-bed to a Four-Bed

For that final step for those renting in the capital and eyeing a four-bed property, the place to avoid is Bank, EC3. The jump between property sizes requires a huge 465% increase in weekly rent, to a massive £13,846. Again, Oxford Circus, Fitzrovia and Hampstead also rank us some of the biggest leaps.

LondonWeekly RentJumpAverage Increase
One bed£39735%
Two bed£55337%42%
Three bed£90653%
Four bed£130247%

Highest % Increase Studio to One-Bed
AreaStudio (weekly)One bed (weekly)% Change
Highgate, N6£101£318215
Soho, W1£382£1,065179
Hackney, E8£162£341110
Bethnal Green, E2£158£358108
Great Portland Street, W1W£367£748104

Highest % increase one bed to two bed
AreaOne bed (weekly)Two bed (weekly)% Change
Fitzrovia, W1B£455£1337194
Oxford Circus, W1B£459£1282179
Belgravia, SW1£653£128297
Blackfriars, EC4V£395£76894
Bond Street, W1K£816£158294

Highest % increase two bed to three bed
AreaTwo bed (weekly)Three bed (weekly)% Change
Westminster, SW1E£826£4,596456
Croydon, CR0£318£1,262297
Green Park, W1J£1,014£3,509246
PIccadilly Circus, W1J£1,014£3,509246
Covent Garden, W2CE£820£2,501205

Highest % increase three to four bed
AreaThree bed (weekly)Four bed (weekly)% change
Bank, EC3£2,452£13,846465
Oxford Circus, W1B£1,735£7,500332
Fitzrovia, W1B£1,772£7,500323
Hampstead, NW3£928£2,286146
Swiss Cottage, NW3£928£2,286146

HIghest % increase studio to four bed
AreaStudio (weekly)Four bed (weekly)% change
Highgate, N6£101£1,2021090
Chelsea, SW3£303£3,346914
Bank, EC3£1,366£13,846914
Mayfair, W1£473£4,767908
Marble Arch, W1£532£4,061663

With the unaffordability of homeownership in the capital continuing to strain the rental market due to the growing levels of high demand, those looking to increase the size of their rental property have quite the obstacle to overcome where the hike in rent is concerned. With an average increase of 42% per a room, it isn’t as easy as making simply the move as this additional cost has to be considered and compiled before doing so. When you couple this with extortionate fees charged by high-street letting agents, it’s no wonder many are forsaking the capital for more affordable rental options in the surrounding areas.

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