Landlords support minimum housing standards

A survey conducted by the Paragon Banking Group found that UK Landlords are in favour of minimum housing standards set out to protect tenants.

The results showed that the vast majority (80%) of Landlords believe that all rental properties should meet a set of minimum standards to ensure safe and comfortable living conditions for tenants.

The standard would include fulfilling minimum requirements for heating, insulation, and ventilation, as well as basic amenities such as running water and working appliances.The survey represents a shift in Landlord attitudes, who have been negatively affected by the increase in Government restrictions over the years. However, despite some Landlord resistance to new regulations in recent years, the survey clearly demonstrates that Landlords still place a lot of importance on providing a suitable and safe home for their tenants.

John Heron, managing director at Paragon, commented on the survey results: "It's clear from our research that the majority of landlords are supportive of minimum standards for rental properties, and this is a positive step for the sector as a whole."

According to Heron, the results of the survey indicate that landlords are increasingly acknowledging the importance of providing high-quality housing to ensure the success of the private rented sector. He also pointed out that numerous Landlords are already investing in their properties to comply with or surpass the minimum standards.

Housing campaigners have welcomed the findings of the survey, as they have long advocated for greater regulation of the private rented sector. The government is presently examining proposals for a new minimum standard for rental properties, and the survey results could lend further support to these initiatives.

Overall, the survey results indicate that landlords are very aware of their duty to provide tenants with safe and comfortable homes. By backing minimum housing standards, landlords can improve the reputation of the private rented sector and guarantee that tenants have access to suitable rental properties.

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