Landlord facing prosecution for 31 beds in 3 bed house

London is notoriously for getting less space for your money, however 31 beds to one three-bedroom property, with only one bathroom, is no joke.

A landlord is facing prosecution after a three-bedroom house was uncovered by police, with 20 tenants living in appalling conditions – and space allowing for 11 more!

At the time of the raid, only (!) ten people were found in the property, however there was clear evidence of at least a further ten living there who called it home. Although it is believed that a tenant was illegally subletting the property –the tenant in question has now been arrested and is facing immigration charges – the ultimate responsibility for the condition of the property falls to the landlord.

The police were horrified to uncover 31 beds squeezed into the North London semi-detached house, with all the tenants sharing just one bathroom. In addition to this, there was evidence of mould, a peeling ceiling, non-regulatory furnishings, multiple fire hazards, no smoke detectors, no carbon monoxide detectors and significant health and safety issues. The property is also very definitely an HMO but was not licensed.

Harrow Council is pursuing action against the landlord of the property.

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