Kent landlord finds more than he bargained for...

Opening the door on your rental property for the first time after your tenants have moved out is always a voyage of discovery. Will they have left the place shinier than a new pin? Will there be a few bits and bobs to dispose of? Of, like one unfortunate landlord in Kent, will you have to deal with rubbish piled waist high?

Landlord Garham Holland and his wife Nicole regained possession of their property in Maidstone after their tenant, Mr Grant, decided to move out, following the first rent increase in twelve years. Upon his departure, Mr Holland took the opportunity to pay the property a visit, expecting to have to do a little sprucing up after such a long lease. What he found, however, was not what he expected…

‘I honestly thought it was a horror film’, said Mr Holland. ‘I was in complete and utter shock and disbelief.’ Thousands of beer cans filled the property, food wrappers and full rubbish bags. Mr Grant had not allowed anyone to enter the property or some time, and had become increasingly evasive and reluctant to

As well as four days clearing the debris, the refurbishment of the one-bedroom property cost around £10,000.

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