How stressed are you?

How stressed are you?

Research has shown that a third of landlords believe that the responsibility of meeting their tenants demands is far more stressful that they initially thought it would be.

500 landlords were polled by a London-based management company, and the report gave way to some shocking statistics.

76% of landlords believe that their tenants do not understand their own responsibilities as renters, with 10% of landlords developing anxiety issues as a direct result of their tenant’s poor knowledge about the rental market.
Many landlords believe that in order to meet the needs of their tenants, they have to be on call 24 hours a day, with 34% reporting having received calls in the middle of the night, some for issues as trivial as changing a light bulb!
The top five issues stressed landlords were frustrated at receiving calls about were:

  • Needing help unblocking the drain (23%)
  • Tenant has lost their keys (19%)
  • Can’t turn on the heating (14%)
  • Tenant needs help changing a light bulb / fuse (13%)
  • Mowing the lawn (7%)

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