How are landlords voting? Snapshot into interim polls

How are landlords voting? Snapshot into interim polls

With the final countdown in sight, many people are still unsure of their final decisions with regards to the huge decision the UK voting public have to make on Thursday.

The EU Referendum has divided the nation, with property one of the main talking points in the huge media campaigns, on both sides of the argument.

The National Landlords Association (NLA) has undertaken some interim research (1,097 respondents) looking at how the land lies at this stage of proceedings, with regards to how the nation’s landlords are feeling.

With only a few days to go before the UK put pen to paper, the findings show the following:

  • 35% in favour of the UK leaving the EU
  • 35% in favour of the UK remaining in the EU
  • 30% of landlords are undecided whether they will vote to remain or leave

In general, 53% of landlords currently believe that the EU membership will only be of benefit to their current and future business prospects, whereas 47% believe that being part of the member state

Overall, 53% of landlords believe that EU membership would be beneficial to their future business prospects, while 47% think it will have an adverse impact.

Regionally, there is a very varied breakdown of Leave vs Remain voters among the landlord community:

  • London (Central): Leave: 45% / Remain: 29%
  • Scotland: Leave: 42% / Remain: 30%
  • East England: Leave: 38% / Remain: 40%
  • London (Outer): Leave: 37% / Remain: 34%
  • South West: Leave: 35% / Remain: 36%
  • North West: Leave: 35% / Remain: 36%
  • Yorks & Humber: Leave: 33% / Remain: 29%
  • West Midlands: Leave: 31% / Remain: 40%
  • South East (excl. London): Leave: 30% / Remain: 37%
  • North East: Leave: 29% / Remain: 44%
  • East Midlands: Leave: 24% / Remain: 40%
  • Wales: Leave: 20% / Remain: 40%

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