HMO landlords call for reform in new report

HMO landlords call for reform in new report

A recent report has highlighted concern that local government and councils are not doing enough to clamp down on rogue landlords.

The report, which surveyed 500 HMO landlords, found that 70% of landlords believe that not enough is being done to clear the sector of its bad name, and want to see more actions put in place to crack down on the few landlords who tarnish the rest of the industry, and give the hardworking, honest landlords their shady reputation.

52% of investors want councils to make spot check inspection visits to HMO’s, to identify those that aren’t up to standard. Recent research from the Citizens Advice Bureau suggests that across the UK, landlords are raking in a whopping £5.6 billion a year in rent on properties that do not comply with current legal standards. Worryingly, much of this if believed to come from the 740,000 families that are living in homes within the private rental sector that have been deemed to present a severe threat to the occupant’s health. It’s figures like this that have angered 48% of the landlords who responded to the survey, who believe that higher penalties are needed for rogue landlords, in order to try and stamp out such behaviour.

30% of landlords would like to see councils given more power to ensure landlords are compliant with legislation, and meet all the relevant regulations.

It seems some of the 30% may be getting their wish, Recently, the London Borough of Bexley has ‘taken back control of it’s HMO management – the most recent London Borough to have done so. The capital’s growing housing market has led to an influx of HMO’s in recent years, and as such a change in the way the council managed the properties was required. The team at Bexley Borough Council are implementing a new range of procedures to take ‘firm control’ of the issue, and ensure that all HMO conversions within the area are within the development rights of the area.

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