Ghost hunters - find out the spookiest places to move to.

Everybody loves the unexplained. At this time of year thrill seekers search for the most haunted places to experience their terrifying secrets.

But what if you could even live near the spookiest pubs, houses, schools, castles or tunnels in the UK? Here’s a few haunted places you could move to where you’d be sure not to be disappointed!

Spine-chilling South West

Potters Pond Wotton
The Ancient Ram Inn is supposed to be the most haunted house in Britain. It has a reputation as one of the most chilling places in the UK to spend the night. This infamous old inn has been investigated by numerous national and international ghost hunters on many occasions over the past years and rarely fails to terrify the most hardened investigators.

Weird West Midlands

Almost Hidden from view beneath the overgrown foliage below Solcum Aylesbury hillfort are the Second World War Drakelow Tunnels. They have been kept shrouded in secrecy up until as recently as 1993, as this was once a former underground military complex. These pitch black disorientating tunnels are a total length of 3.5 miles.

Eerie East Midlands

The Old Edwardian School has an Art Room that seems to be the hub for paranormal activity; strange smells of vanilla along with loud bangs, a man’s voice and knocks have been heard along with a heavy door which was witnessed opening by itself. Upon further investigation there was no one else inside the building at the time.

Creepy Capital

The London Tombs, nr Tooley Street
On October 31, 2007, before it opened, the BBC reported that a collection of skeletons unearthed in the crypt had scared builders so much that they refused to work there alone.

Evil East of England

Kelvedon Hatch
There have been numerous ghostly sightings and experiences at Kelvedon Hatch bunker including Poltergeist activity and even apparitions. Growls and heavy thumping sounds have been heard, stones have been thrown and on one investigation the generator which is permanently turned off suddenly burst into life, terrifying everyone in the room.

Spooky South East

There have been many reports of paranormal activity at the Oxford Castle site including: The Murderer Mary Blandy was tried and hanged at Oxford in 1752, her ghost has been see a number of times walking the Castle Mound. In the 1970's a group of inmates held a seance in one of the cells sparking poltergeist activity, in the end of priest was called to conduct an exorcism.

Horrifying Humber and Yorkshire

The poltergeist house at 30 East Drive is reputed to be one of the most haunted houses in the UK and has many similarities to the infamous Enfield Hauntings. The activity here has been so intense causing a family to abandon their home in the mid 70’s. A good way to describe 30 East Drive would be to liken it to a modern day Ancient Ram Inn.

Nightmare North East

The Railway arms was built in 1886 as an inn for weary travellers of the newly created railway network. Staff, locals & performers witnessed orbs of light pass throughout the building & heavy footsteps upstairs but there have been many accounts of dark shadowy figures & headless bodies, furniture moved and a faceless man seen to sit on tables and walk through walls and disappear at night.

Nerve-racking North West

Ordsall Hall is a location steeped in a sinister history. There have been reports of ghostly sightings, unexplained phenomena and some staff even refuse to enter parts of the building alone. The attic space is pitch black and unwelcoming and in the kitchen you can still see the well in which a child drowned and is believed to be responsible for the cries that are often heard.

Wicked Wales

Port Talbot, Wales
Margam Castle is a terrifying, eerie and chilling location and is believed to be the home to a nasty and angry spirit of a Game Keeper who is believed to have been murdered by a poacher. He is said to be the main haunt of the castle and is responsible for throwing objects around.

Scary Scotland

Turif, near Aberdeen
Fyvie Castle was built in the 13th century and is home to a number of Aberdeen ghosts including a Grey Lady, a Green Lady and a phantom trumpeter!

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