Last time buyers

'last-time buyers' need to be considered

There’s plenty in the news about the challenges first time buyers, and the challenges that the younger generation face trying to get on the property ladder, however it seems the other end of the market is struggling as well.

A recent survey carried out by YouGov on behalf of the HomeOwners Alliance and BLP Insurance found that one in five property owners had considered moving in the past two years, but had not done so. The main reason given was a lack of suitable housing (23%), however not wanting to move away from friends/neighbours, and wanting to avoid the stress and upheaval of moving were also reasons noted.

The report calls on the government to ‘consider the needs of the last-time buyers as well as first-time buyers’ when creating new housing stock, and states that the issues faced by last-time buyers are as ‘acute as those issues encountered by first-time buyers.’

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