EPC exemptions revealed

With the weather feeling decidedly more summery, and light evenings drawing out, energy bills are probably fast fading from our minds. The energy efficiency of your property is probably not in the forefront of your thoughts.

However, don’t rest on your laurels.

The MEES regulations are now firmly in place, and there is no getting away from the changes. But is there anything you can do to ease the squeeze if you’re flying a little close to the wind with your EPC rating?

Well, yes, it seems there is. The Government has just published a guidance on the exemptions available to landlords for rental properties if the EPC does not meet the minimum standard EPC band of E.

You can register an exemption if:

  • You haven’t been able to access ‘no cost funding’ to fully cover the installation cost of the improvements that would be needed to increase your band. This funding could be the Green Deal scheme, energy supplier, or a promotion via your local authority.
  • You have already made all the possible energy efficiency improvements recommended by a surveyor, but the property still remains below a band E. You should keep all evidence of the changes you have made, and have an additional EPC carried out after all changes are made to prove that you can do no more!
  • If the changes required would have a negative impact on the structure of the property.
  • You have received a survey form an independent RICS registered surveyor that states that making the required changes would reduce the market value of the property, or the building it forms part of, by more than 5%.
  • If consent is needed, and refused, for an energy efficiency measure, such as getting local authority or mortgage lender permission.

You should ensure that you keep evidence of any surveyors reports and receipts of work completed, which will act as evidence should you seek to get an exemption. An exemption, which will be made public on the Exemptions Register, lasts for five years, during which time you are expected to make every attempt to increase the EPC rating. If this is not possible, a further exemption may be granted.

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