Simple, safe and speedy: E-signatures ruled ok in court

Everything is going digital – from your weekly food shop to letting your property, there’s very little that isn’t quicker, and simpler, online.

However, even in today’s digital world, many people are still nervous about moving away from old-fashioned pen and ink when it comes to signing legal documents such as tenancy agreements, regarding their electronic counterparts with some trepidation.

A recent case might just change that though. A County Court has just upheld the use of an electronic signature in an agency agreement, in a dispute over a guarantor’s obligation to cover rent in a rent arrears case.

The case, which involved south-east Wales estate agent Roberts, and a tenant’s guarantor, involved the guarantor disputing their liability for a rental arrear of £3,668. The guarantor agreement had been signed digitally, and the guarantor’s defence centered around the fact that the Signable signature did not match her regular signature when signed on paper.

The judge ‘barely questioned’ the contract, and stated that the e-signature did not resemble the physical signature as digital signatures often look different because of the technology used.

Having assessed the email train, alongside an application form completed by the guarantor declaring her email address, the case was ruled in the favour of Roberts.

The agent is now going back to court, seeking damages of around £8,000. actively promote the use of electronic signatures, with all tenancy agreement signed using this method. The use of digital signing is 100% legal and provides a completely compliant method of document signing, in accordance with the Electronics Communications Act 2000.

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