Controversial landlord evicts all single mums

The rogue landlord moniker is one that generally speaking, is totally unjustified by the majority of landlords.

Most landlords work hard to fight against the blanket term, going above and beyond to prove that they are doing the best they can for their tenants, and the wider housing market.

However, this fight is not helped when a high-profile landlord pulls ANOTHER controversial move – such as evicting swathes of single mums from his properties.

Landlord Fergus Wilson has hit the headlines yet again, after this controversial move has caused uproar, and he is set to be taken to court by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (for the second time) for his actions.

He chose to evict four single mothers with young babies from his properties across Kent following a policy introduced by Ashford Council, which required landlords to fix broken boilers within four days, if the tenant is a single mother with a new baby.

Following the policy announcement, Wilson allegedly evicted four young women and their children, blaming the council’s decision, saying he could not risk a boiler breaking down and not being able to get a plumber to a property in time.

He may have had more luck finding a tradesman if he had not publicly announced (via social media) that he would not let any of his properties to plumbers, as they ‘rip him off when it comes to repairs.’

The controversial list also included a ban on victims of domestic abuse, ‘coloured people’, zero contract hour workers or families with children.

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