Community high on house hunters list

Community spirit rates high on house hunters 'look list'

We all know that one of the most important things about choosing your perfect property is location, location, location!

New research from Lloyds TSB has suggested that 82% of Brits are proud of their local community, suggesting that making sure your new home is not only well located, but part of a thriving community is a vital piece of the puzzle.

Nearly 30% of respondents believe it is the people that make up the community spirit, so getting to know your new neighbors is a great idea when you move to a new neighborhood. Even more so if live in Wrexham, Birmingham or Chelmsford – theses towns are the top spots for neighborhood support!

But what makes up the perfect neighborhood? According to the research, the UK’s ideal community places emphasis on the following:

Care and consideration (37%)
Community spirit (32%)
Honesty (29%)
Sense of humour (28%)
Hard-working spirit (27%)

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