Celebs get involved with safety in the PRS

Celeb endorsement is becoming more and more common, with social media full of our favourite starts pushing everything from fashion to health drinks.

However, the PRS hasn’t had much in the way of celeb backing… until now.

A team of passionate stars, including singer Midge Ure, actress Carley Stenson and footballer Robbie Fowler, and are backing a new campaign for safer homes, which is sweeping the UK in an attempt to bring a higher standard of living to the PRS.

The ‘Axe Safety Tax’ initiative is seeking to abolish VAT on all safety products and services that are required in UK homes. The campaign focuses on key products, such as fire alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, gas safety checks, fire doors and fire extinguishers – all vital requirements in a safe (and legal!) rental property.

The organisation behind the campaign, Gas Ta, has not only developed the initiative, but has also penned a petition, calling to have the issue debated in Parliament. You can read it in full, and add your signature here.

At a time when safety in the home is so high on the political agenda, it is a disgrace that safety products are taxed as if they were luxury items. In sharp contrast, annual MOT inspections which are also intended to save lives are zero-rated.

Paul Durose, CEO of Gas Tag

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