Armed forces can rent out homes without hefty costs

There was some good news this Christmas for members of the military who wanted to rent their homes out during deployment

Previously, any member of the armed forces wishing to do this would have had to change their residential
mortgage to a buy-to-let one, and would likely have been subject to paying new charges and an increased rate of interest.

However, the new agreement under the Government's armed forces covenant means they can now rent their homes out without having to pay these hefty charges, meaning the option will be open to more individuals.

The initiative is supported by 47 of the UK's largest banks and building societies, including Barclays, HSBC and Nationwide and the changes are likely to benefit almost 265,000 people in the UK and overseas.

The armed forces covenant has also seen more than 9,000 personnel benefiting from the military's own help-to-buy scheme. In addition to property bonuses, 86% of the UK's motor insurance industry commit to waive cancellation fees and preserve no claims discounts for up to three years when personnel and their families are posted abroad.

Our armed forces keep us safe and rightly we should be making sure they're fully supported. This extension means our brave men and women will save time and money when they are fulfilling vital roles across the country, and is another example of how the covenant is making a real difference.

Defence Minister, Mark Lancaster

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