50% of tenants admit to falling out with their landlords

The weather can make everyone a little tetchy, but recent research has shown that nearly 50% of tenants admit to falling out with their landlords – maybe the warm weather has got everyone feeling a little hot-under-the collar?

Joking aside, the data - published by Lightbulbs Direct - suggests that this could potentially be a serious issue, with 89% of people admitting that they would consider moving if they didn’t feel that they had a good relationship with their landlord. This is a real consideration for 18%, who described their current landlord as ‘unapproachable’.

Despite 18% of respondents feeling this way, this hasn’t stopped many tenants from putting calls in to their landlord about a wide variety of property problems.

The primary reasons were down to maintenance issues, with 66% of tenants admitting to putting in a call to fix a broken window, 49% wanting the go ahead to decorate, 46% over a broken appliance, and unblocking a toilet and or cleaning issues both coming in at 33%. Some of the more unusual reasons tenants admitted to calling their landlord included; 16% asked for help hanging pictures, 8% needed a hand tightening screws on a doorframe and 7% thought their landlord was the perfect person to give them a hand shifting their furniture when they fancied rejigging the layout.

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